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  • Rooms and Dormitory

    The Varusch Chalet can sleep up to 35 people at the entrance to the only Swiss National Park. We offer our guests an unforgettable experience in the rustic atmosphere far from the stress of the every-day lives.

    There are various different kind of rooms available: double rooms, a 3 or 4 bed room as well as a hutment for up to 5 people. Furthermore in the hutment there is a small dormitory for 3 people, a medium dormitory for about 8 people, as well as a large dormitory for 10 people. Thus we can also comfortably accommodate larger groups without any problem.

    In the dormitories there are woolen blankets and pillows available, but guests must bring their own sleeping bag. There are communal toilets in the annex and in the medium and the large dormitory there are tables and chairs. There are storage lockers in the entrance.

    In the chalet there is a toilet and a shower (reduced usability, on request and on charge). The rooms are equipped with duvets and pillows and only in the room for 5 people guests must bring their sleeping bags. All guests have to bring their towels.

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